International Israelite Board of Rabbis

Israelite Academy
Ordination and Graduation
18 Sivan, 5765

Saturday afternoon June 25, 2005 was a historic day for Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. Two of our members Tyrone Burks (Avraham Ben Israel) and Joshua V. Salter (Yahoshua Ben Yosef), were ordained as rabbis by the International Israelite Board of Rabbis, after four years of study in the Israelite Academy. The Sabbath afternoon was warm, and the Knesset was filled with excitement as Rabbi Sholomo Ben Levy, president of the Israelite Board of Rabbis, Rabbi Barauch Yehudah, acting dean, Rabbi Hailu Paris, chairman of the education committee, Rabbi Benyamin Ben Levy, bursar, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Yehudah, NY president, Rabbi Yeshurun Ben Israel, spiritual leader of Beth Shalom, Brooklyn, Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken E.H.C., and vice president of the Israelite Board of Rabbis and representatives from Israelite communities around the country participated in this wonderful event.

The graduation ceremony took place on Saturday night. Avraham and Joshua were awarded their degrees from the academy before an audience of about 150 people. Rabbi Hailu Paris gave the commencement address. After the graduation ceremony, a dinner was held in honor of the two graduates. The evening was filled with fun and words of encouragement from family members and friends for the graduates. It was a proud moment for Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, who served as Rosh Yeshiva for the Israelite Academy, Chicago.

Avraham (Tyrone Burks) was born in Chicago, Illinois. Avraham attended DeVry Institute and received his degree in Electronics in 1989. After completing his education, Avraham went to work for Motorola Corporation as a Communications Technician. Avraham began his studies in Judaism in 1997 and found his spiritual home at Beth Shalom in 1999. Avraham entered the Israelite Academy in the fall of 2001 and proved to be a worthy student and most diligent in his studies. He excelled in Hebrew language and Talmudic studies. Avraham is married to Louveria (Leah) and they have two beautiful daughters, Monique and Dominique.

Joshua Salter, was born into an Israelite family, he is the second of ten children born to Daniel and Elishaba (Faustina) Yosef. Joshua is married to Renee Jackson-Salter and they have two lovely daughters Pashence and Ariel. Josh is currently employed by Morgan Stanley Brokerage firm. Joshua enrolled in the Israelite Academy in 2001. Joshua has decided that his work as a rabbi can be in any area of the country or the world were his services might be needed. In Josh’s own words “I hope to be a faithful servant to Hashem and the House of Israel and awaken those asleep in the dust; to bring T’kun Olam into world and to help chart new courses for the Israelite community.”

Avraham and Joshua are the first rabbis from the Chicago Israelite community ordained in their native city.


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