MP Sizomu has transformed Bungokho North

Gershom Sizomu the Uganda’s Bungokho North Member of Parliament has done quite a lot to transform his community and constituency which is located in Mbale district. The MP and Rabbi in a photo bellow.


MP Rabbi Gershom Sizomu

Elected to parliament in 2016 on the Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) ticket, the young legislator and religious leader with a title of Rabbi has lobbied for his people although he is in the main stream opposition party. The Ugandan government is run by the National Resistance Movement party.

Speaking to the reporter he said he contested the same seat in 2011 polls and lost but continued to work for his people who eventually in 2016 voted him MP.

Sizomu a disaster Preparedness shadow minister and FDC party legislator has personally lobbied and worked for his people.

MP Sizomu’s achievements:

On the education front, two seed secondary schools established by Government in Mbale were all built in his constituency; Bubemtse in Wanale Sub County and one in Lwaso Sub County all costing sh 4BN. The two schools filled a vacuum in the area which actually had no school at all.

Sizomu has established a secondary school; Semei Kakungulu High school. The school supports needy but very bright students.

He has at the same time lobbied Israel and USA friends to start an agricultural and nutritional project worth millions of shillings called Sprulina. Sprulina is like algae has 10 times proteins from what the meat proteins possesses. This special food substance contains pure proteins un like meat which carries animal fats.

The seeds which are grown in water and later harvested to a ponder form can be mixed in porridge and food to be eaten and provide proteins especially to malnourished children very suitable for rural areas. He plans to soon roll out the project countrywide to benefit Ugandans. The project has a greenhouse which supports it in schools.

“Sprulina protein helps children to develop intelligence if they eat it in a few months. With this we can produce engineers, doctors and other professional because it boosts children and students intelligence” the MP said in an interview with the

He has sponsored 0ver 40 students to study at Metropolitan International University(Kampala campus) who only pay functional fees of sh 400,000 per semester per student to study in the university.

The MP also contributes to the sponsored students’ up keep. And as a result students who would have never afforded university education have now accessed it. The University offers MP Sizomu 20 bursaries each year. Students here brought by the MP pay no tuition fees.  The first student who joined University in 2017 will be graduating soon” Sizomu added.

A specialist treating MP Sizomu constituents in a photo bellow.


The MP has constructed a Health Centre in the area in Mbale town known as Tobin. It provides dental services where he contributes 50% of the total costs of treatment of dental services to each customer, 100 percent to the maternity ward customers (each) and 50% to malarial patients.

He has also provided the constituents with a modern ambulance. The ambulance used by constituents can serve them up to Nairobi those who may want to access treatment in Nairobi- Kenya and to Kampala as well all they need is to fuel it themselves.

MP Sizomu runs several free health camps; at least three each year where some blind constituents and people from the Mbale region are treated free by specialists from Colombia University and from USA among others . He estimates that close to 10000 people have been treated. Some of those treated are the blind, deaf and those with dental problems, goiters and other diseases all for free.


He has partnered with World Vision to repair and build 40 bores holes in the constituency which has partly helped to address water shortages in water stressed areas and has contributed to funerals which are quite many and expensive.

Future plans

MP Sizomu plans to build tamarack roads to some areas in the constituency especially in the next term if re-elected to parliament in 2021.

He has lobbied for rural electrification of the entire constituency and the area has been mapped by the Rural Electrification Agency and hopes to push for implementation if re-elected.

Plans to roll out a multibillion solar field company that can distribute solar to the people of Mbale and to the national grid (country wide).  He is working on its clearance/ licensing (MOU) with government to roll it out.

WHO is MP Sizomu

He was born 1972 is a Ugandan rabbi serving the Abayudaya, A Baganda community in eastern Uganda near the town of Mbale who practice Judaism.

Sizomu is the first native-born black rabbi in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is also the first chief rabbi of Uganda.

He was born into an Abayudaya family, and his grandfather was the community’s leader. The Abayudaya were persecuted during the years of the Idi Amin regime, when it was illegal to openly practice the Jewish faith in Uganda. During his childhood, Sizomu’s father was arrested for building a sukkah as part of the celebration of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. His father was released when Sizomu’s family paid the arresting officer with a ransom of five goats. In 1979, following the overthrow of the Amin government, freedom of religion was restored in Uganda, and Sizomu’s family celebrated by hosting 200 people in a Passover Seder consisting of homemade matzoh and macco, a Ugandan banana wine with an 80 per cent alcohol content.

He holds an Arts degree in education from Islamic University in Uganda. As a Be’chol Lashon Rabbinic Fellow at the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, he came to the U.S. to 2003 to study in a five-year graduate program at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles.

He graduated in 2008 and was ordained as a rabbi under the auspices of Conservative Judaism.

In July 2008, Sizomu returned to Uganda and conducted a conversion ceremony for 250 people at the village of Nabogoya, with converts coming from across Uganda and from KenyaNigeria and South Africa.

It is said that during the ceremony, Sizomu stressed the viability of the Jewish faith for sub-Saharan Africans by noting, “The relationship between God and the Jews in the Torah resonates for many spiritual seekers.

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