Who Am I?

Welcome to TriniGourmet.com, the internet’s #1 site for mouthwatering Trinidadian ‘fusion’ recipes, international cuisine and everything ‘foodie’ in nature!

My name is Sarina Nicole and I am a true Caribbean girl (half Trinidadian, half Jamaican).

Cooking has been a passion of mine since the late 1990’s when I discovered the Food Network. I read cookbooks like people read the newspaper and love to entertain, throwing dinner parties for my nearest and dearest.

Although I have been blogging for several years, this is my first attempt at forming a niche blog – one that is focused in nature, and semi-commercial by design.

My motivations are many, however the main impetus is that I feel that for too long now the cuisine of the Caribbean, and especially that of my native Trinidad has remained unexplored by the larger global market. This is something that I hope that this site can contribute towards undoing.

Creating this blog has also given vent towards my own creative impulses. Cooking and food is something that I feel very passionate about, from the simplest garlic butter to the most lavish chocolate cake. By writing, photographing, linking and sharing my passion with you I help to keep a smile on my face, and I think we all agree that a smiley face is a very pleasant thing :D

It is my intention that TriniGourmet. com will remain an open and free site. However because I do have operating costs (and a reduced income due to my health) I hope that, if you have found this site useful, that you will consider adding me to your blogroll, or blog side bar to let others know about me. You can also help to spread the word by clicking the ‘Tell-A-Friend’ link included in every post. From time to time, I will also be including donation boxes as well on those recipes which I have personally created.

Please Note: All recipes posted here have been prepared and tested by me. Being of the Jewish (and kosher) persuasion I don’t prepare crab, shark, shrimp, ham and garlic pork though, so those who have reached this site looking for those recipes I do offer my humblest apologies but I have to draw the line somewhere! Feel free to contact me though and I’ll refer you to an appropriate resource privately :)

I really hope that you enjoy TriniGourmet.com and remember – you never need to miss a single posting – simply subscribe through one of the subscription methods listed in the upper right hand column and you will be updated when new information has been added.


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