Will Sephardic “Messianic” Jews inherit the Negev?

The Chistian Science Monitor reports on a growing trend among Christian Hispanics to trace – via DNA tests – their crypto Jewish roots. These Christians then join “messianic” congregations and emigration endeavors with the hopes of fulfilling “a prophesy that Sephardic Jews will inherit the Negev, a desert region of southern Israel.” The “rabbi”/ leader of the particular messianic Christian group discussed in the article, is “planning a trip to Israel in February and is in touch with government representatives about helping Hispanic Jews return to the country [Israel] to live.”

The Jewish Journal reported on this phenomenon back in July, noting that many of this group “convert” to Judaism, but retain their belief in Jesus which complicates the aliyah process under the law of return (but not if Messianic attorney Calev Myers gets his way).

Last April I reported that missionaries affiliated with James Hutchen’s Cyrus Fund were teaching the Gospel to Bnai Anusim via messianic churches – and getting those “converts” ready for aliyah to the Negev. What’s especially interesting to note is that in the mid 1970’s the very same retired Brigadier General Dr. James Hutchens, President of the Jerusalem Connection International, and his wife Patty, deceptively tried to convert to Judaism and make aliyah without abandoning their belief in Jesus (he even wrote a book about it, entitled “Guilty”)

Their efforts ended in failure when the Israeli Supreme Court rejected their “conversion”, and subsequent attempt to become Israeli citizens (they got swiftly booted out of this country). But that hasn’t stopped the good reverend – a former board member of John Hagee’s CUFI – from continuing efforts to promote a messianic Christian restoration in Israel.

What’s ironic and disturbing is that Benny Elon sits on Hutchen’s advisory board, and it was Benny’s father who handed down the decision on December 25, 1989 to categorically reject a bid by believers in Jesus to claim eligibility for aliyah as part of the Jewish people under the Law of Return. These are the words used by then Supreme Court Justice Elon:

“In the last two thousand years of history…the Jewish people have decided that messianic Jews do not belong to the Jewish nation…and have no right to force themselves on it,” he wrote, concluding that “those who believe in Jesus, are, in fact Christians.”


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