The Founding of Be’chol Lashon

One of the primary findings from the study was that multicultural Jews often experience a sense of isolation in an American Jewish community largely characterized by historic immigration from Eastern. Focus groups participants requested a opportunity to meet again, some never having met other Jews like themselves. Diane organized a..Read More

“The Study of Ethnic & Racial Diversity”

In anticipating raising Jonah, Diane and Gary wanted to better understand the intersection of Judaism and race. In order to find the answers they were seeking, they turned to their strength and launched the “Study of Ethnic and Racial Diversity of the Jewish Population of the United States,” which included..Read More

“Rabbis Talk About Intermarriage”

Later that year, Rabbis Talk About Intermarriage was published. It took a broad, thorough, contemporary look at the diverse rabbinic response to intermarriage and the conflicts it has produced. Passions about intermarriage, debates about how to prevent it or reap benefits from its consequences have at their core a genuine..Read More

“Opening the Gates”

1999 began strong with the release of Gary’s controversial book, Opening the Gates: How Proactive Conversion Can Revitalize the Jewish Community, which challenged the Jewish community to get beyond its focus on preventing intermarriage and to embrace a pro-conversion stance. He acknowledged that “Diane Kaufmann Tobin’s emotional intelligence and probing..Read More

Institute for Jewish & Community Research

In 1998, Gary choose to leave his tenured position at Brandeis to devote his energies to his new, independent think tank, now called the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, and Diane became the Associate Director. Whereas initially the Institute was focused on contract research in a variety of areas..Read More

Jonah’s Birth

Diane and Gary’s union brought her three and his two children together, and they decided to adopt and raise a child together. Having engaged Jewish Family and Children’s Service’s, Adoption Connection, they were charged with filling out a form to guide the adoption process. But they declined as they felt..Read More

West Coast Satellite

Gary opened the Institute for Community & Religion, which operated as a West coast satellite to the Center for Modern Jewish Studies. Diane continued to publish the research reports for CMJS, as well as manage the West coast projects for Institute for Community & Religion.

“Jewish Perceptions of Anti-Semitism”

Gary Tobin’s book Jewish Perceptions of Anti-Semitism was published in 1988. Although anti-Semitism was reportedly on the decline, he was surprised to discover that 20% of Jews under 35 consistently reported experiencing anti-Semitism in the many community demographic studies he was conducting at the time. The times had changed but..Read More

Auspicious Meeting

Diane Tobin served on the board of Directors of the San Francisco Jewish Community Center from 1980-1986 and as President from 1986-1989. In her role as president, she attended the 1988 JWB Biennial in St, Louis where she met presenter, Dr. Gary Tobin z’l, director of the Maurice and Marilyn..Read More