Speakers Bureau

Emissaries for diversity in the Jewish community

Our speakers bureau is comprised of dynamic presenters from the United States and around the world. They come from a range of racial, ethnic, and cultural Jewish backgrounds and include community leaders and pre-eminent scholars in history, philosophy, sociology, demography and other fields. They can address a wide range of topics of interest to congregations, organizations, and communities.

  • Rivka Amado
    Rivka Amado
  • Sarah Aroeste
    Sarah Aroeste
  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett
  • Rachel Beck
    Rachel Beck
  • Ruth Behar
    Ruth Behar
  • Lior Ben-Hur
    Lior Ben-Hur
  • Siona Benjamin
    Siona Benjamin
  • Rabbi Angela W. Buchdahl
    Rabbi Angela W. Buchdahl
  • Galeet Dardashti
    Galeet Dardashti
  • Rabbi Romiel Daniel
    Rabbi Romiel Daniel
  • Reuben “Prodezra” Formey
    Reuben “Prodezra” Formey
  • Rabbi Capers Funnye
    Rabbi Capers Funnye
  • Gina Gold
    Gina Gold
  • Jane Anna Gordon
    Jane Anna Gordon
  • Lewis R. Gordon
    Lewis R. Gordon
  • Carolivia Herron
    Carolivia Herron
  • Vanessa Hidary
    Vanessa Hidary
  • Natasha Kehimkar
    Natasha Kehimkar
  • Ephraim Isaac
    Ephraim Isaac
  • Manashe Khaimov
    Manashe Khaimov
  • Helen Kim
    Helen Kim
  • Samson Koletkar
    Samson Koletkar
  • Benjamin Kweskin
    Benjamin Kweskin
  • Sandra Lawson
    Sandra Lawson
  • Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber
    Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber
  • MaNishtana
  • Avishai Mekonen
    Avishai Mekonen
  • Rahel Musleah
    Rahel Musleah
  • Maria Ramos-Chertok
    Maria Ramos-Chertok
  • Anthony Russell
    Anthony Russell
  • Aaron Samuels
    Aaron Samuels
  • Joshua Silverstein
    Joshua Silverstein
  • Tema Smith
    Tema Smith
  • Isaama Stoll
    Isaama Stoll
  • Michael W. Twitty
    Michael W. Twitty
  • Rabbi Manny Viñas
    Rabbi Manny Viñas
  • Robin Washington
    Robin Washington
  • Frances Wilson
    Frances Wilson

Book A Speaker

Speakers are available for lectures, concerts, or scholar-in-residence weekends. Fees vary. Please contact us for more information.