Abayudaya Centennial Trip

Travel to Uganda with Be’chol Lashon to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Abayudaya Jewish community!


June 23 – July 2, 2019


Leader: $10,000

– Includes a student scholarship

Supporter: $6,000

Friend: $3,600

Deposit: $500 per person

Flights are not included. A limited number of scholarships are available. Students, young adults, Jewish professionals and need-based applicants should contact us for more information.

Want to participate but can’t travel to Uganda?

Trip Highlights

•  Learn about the political, religious and cultural diversity of Uganda.

•  Tour the Ugandan Parliament as special guests of Parliament member and Abayudaya spiritual leader Rabbi Gershom Sizomu.

• Dip your feet in Lake Victoria, the source of the mighty Nile River.

•  Experience a Ugandan Shabbat while Rabbi Sizomu’s daughter becomes a Bat Mitzvah.

•  Feast on local and international cuisine at our welcome and farewell dinners and at the Centennial celebration.

•  Sing and dance with the entire Abayudaya community to celebrate 100 years of Judaism in Uganda.

•  Engage in discussions about Be’chol Lashon’s mission, Jews as a multicultural people, and identity politics in America.

Message from Rabbi Gershom Sizomu

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Trip Details

10 days, 9 nights (see itinerary below)

Experienced Be’chol Lashon trip leaders and local Abayudaya guides

Ground transportation

Travelers are responsible for most meals, with the freedom to dine on your own or join the group at selected restaurants

Accommodations at 4-5 star hotels

Abayudaya Centennial Celebration and other program costs

Honored on Centennial Tree at Stern Synagogue in Nabagoye


Centennial Trip

Sunday, June 23

Day 1

Day 1

Begin your introduction to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, by flying into the famed Entebbe airport and staying in the nation’s capital, Kampala, ranked East Africa’s best capital city. Settle into your hotel room and then head out to meet your fellow travelers and discuss the upcoming week over your first dinner in Uganda.

Monday, June 24

Day 2

Day 2

On your first full day, get your footing by exploring one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. Kampala, home to over 1.5 million, is the epicenter of the country’s diversity. Spend the day visiting Kampala’s cultural highlights, taking in the views overlooking the city. Taste the local cuisine and try a rolex (a rolled up chapati snack, not the watch) or order a Luwumbo, a local meat stew made with, surprise!, banana leaves

Tuesday, June 25

Day 3

Day 3

Tour the Ugandan Parliament as Parliament member and Abayudaya Rabbinic leader Gershom Sizomu’s personal guests. At night, enjoy the African and international cuisine of Kampala and get a taste for the nightlife of this rapidly developing city.

Wednesday, June 26

Day 4

Day 4

Depart Kampala in the morning and head east to Mbale, close to the border with Kenya. En route, stop for lunch in Jinja on the banks of Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile River, and begin acclimating yourself to Ugandan life outside of Kampala. Board the bus again and arrive in Mbale to check into your well appointed hotel and head out to dinner in Mbale.

Thursday, June 27

Day 5

Day 5

Wake up in Mbale, the hub for the Abayudaya villages and home to the Abayudaya’s Tobin Health Center that has been so critical in improving health care in the community. Learn about the region, the history of the Abayudaya and current community development efforts. Take a challenging hike through the lush jungle to Sipi Falls and shop in Mbale’s bustling market as the community prepares for the Centennial festivities.

Friday, June 28

Day 6

Day 6

Spend the morning in Nabagoye. Walk to the community founder, Semei Kakungulu’s home. Have lunch in Mbale and take a seat at a kafunda, a roadside bar/eatery, to sip a local beer while tasting the local cuisine, almost all of which includes the ubiquitous Maatoke, or green banana. In the evening observe Shabbat with the community at the new Stern synagogue and join the rabbi and his family for Shabbat dinner.

Saturday, June 29

Day 7

Day 7

On Saturday, experience the uniqueness of a Ugandan Shabbat, made particularly special as Garshom’s daughter, Navaah, becomes a Bat Mitzvah. Celebrate with the Abayudaya community into the evening with dinner, music and dancing.

Sunday, June 30

Day 8

Day 8

On Centennial Sunday, wake up to a community buzzing with activity in preparation for the festivities. Meet community members from across the Abayudaya villages, dignitaries visiting to show their support and others who have travelled from far and wide to join the Abayudaya on this special day. Eat a communal lunch with thousands of other attendees, be entertained by dance troupes and experience the African penchant for grandiose speeches.

Monday, July 1

Day 9

Day 9

On Monday, depart to the shores of Lake Victoria outside Kampala for one last night at a beautiful resort conveniently located on the way to Entebbe airport. Reflect and relax before heading home, or to the next stop on your travels.

Tuesday, July 2

Day 10

Say farewell to your fellow travelers before being shuttled to Entebbe or heading out for your next stop in Uganda!

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