Abayudaya Dental Health

Brighten smiles and improve lives in Eastern Uganda.

The Tobin Health Center (TBH) opened in central Mbale in June 2010 and provides life saving and improvement services to the Abayudaya and their neighbors. As an expansion of the services offered by the Tobin Health Center, TBH and Be’chol Lashon teamed up with Dr. David Abramowitz, a U.S. trained dentist, to open the Abramowitz Dental Care Center.

The Center, which is named in memory of David’s father, Burton Abramowitz z”l, has the most technologically advanced dental equipment available, including a portable digital x-ray, which can be used both in the clinic and in the field. This is the only dental x-ray of its kind in eastern Uganda and perhaps the only functioning dental x-ray in all of Mbale. We have also assembled a fully equipped mobile dental delivery system that allows visiting dentists and staff from around the world to provide care to thousands of Christian, Muslim and Jewish youth in the region.

We welcome all forms of support, from lending your valuable time and expertise to donation of equipment to monetary contributions. To make a direct contribution dedicated to dental health among the Abayudaya and their neighbors, please fill out the donation form below. We will follow up with confirmation and thankful acknowledgement of your gift. If you are interested in donating equipment or supplies, or in joining one of our dental missions as a dental professional or support staff, please visit Dr. Abramowitz’s website.

Thank you for helping to brighten smiles and improve lives in Eastern Uganda!

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Dr. David Abramowitz