Ella Shapiro’s Mitzvah Project

Help improve agriculture and nutrition in the Abayudaya community.

Dear family and friends,

There is an amazing book called I Will Always Write Back. It’s about two pen pals, one from Africa and one from the U.S., who change each other’s lives. Reading the book made me realize how much we have here in America and how lucky we are. It inspired me to want to do more to help those in Africa.

I heard about Rabbi Gershom Sizomu through my synagogue, Shomrei Torah. He lives in a village in Uganda where they are in desperate need of water, not just for drinking water but also to grow food. The community suffered immensely during the drought and famine in East Africa last year. Many people even died.

My mission is to raise $20,000 to improve agriculture and nutrition. The money will create community gardens to teach farmers how to use irrigation to grow more food and how to store the food for the drier seasons. I started this mitzvah project because I wanted to make a difference by helping other people in need. I want to inspire others to help people like those that have inspired me. Any amount donated is appreciated.

Ella Shapiro
Shomrei Torah, Los Angeles

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