Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal

Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal

Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal has worked in Jewish education for over ten years as a classroom teacher in both Orthodox and Community day schools. He currently teaches as adjunct faculty at Hebrew Union College’s DeLeT program for teachers and works as an education consultant for organizations such as the Sephardic Educational Center and the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

In his most recent past position at de Toledo High School, Maimon Villarreal served as Jewish Studies department chair. He is the recipient of the Covenant Foundation’s Pomegranate Prize for emerging Jewish educators.

Maimon Villarreal blogs at thrivingtorah.com, where he explores the wisdom at the intersection of Judaism, education and everyday life. At the center of all of his work is his belief in Judaism’s ability to help people discover and nourish their best selves. He lives in Southeast Idaho with his wife and five children.


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