• Sarah Aroeste
    Sarah Aroeste
    Musician and author
  • Aliza Craimer Elias
    Aliza Craimer Elias
    Director, Institute for Curriculum Services
  • Rabbi Isaama Goldstein-Stoll
    Rabbi Isaama Goldstein-Stoll
  • Helen Kim
    Helen Kim
    Sociology professor
  • Rabbi Sandra Lawson
    Rabbi Sandra Lawson
  • Rabbi Tsafi Lev
    Rabbi Tsafi Lev
  • Aaron Samuels
    Aaron Samuels
    Co-Founder, Blavity
  • Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal
    Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal
    Educator and consultant

About Passport to Peoplehood

Passport to Peoplehood are educational resources that strengthen Jewish identity by connecting young people to their rich multicultural heritage. P2P helps them engage with unique cultures and explore the shared values that connect all Jews. Inclusion, diversity and connection are presented as hallmarks of Judaism.

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