Passport to Peoplehood for Educators

Passport to Peoplehood (P2P) educational resources explore the history and traditions of Jewish communities around the world in connection with Jewish values and texts. P2P promotes inclusion and diversity as hallmarks of Judaism and fosters cultural competency in an increasingly global world. Free registration required.

Instructions: Use the tabs below to explore the resources. Each resource can be used on its own or in conjunction with resources in the other categories. The “combined” resources pair a country with a holiday and were created specifically for educators. We will be making more resources available in the coming months.

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Israel + Sukkot

Learn about Israel’s history as the homeland of the diverse Jewish diaspora.

Ethiopia + Sigd

Explore the rich Jewish heritage of Ethiopia. Learn about the ancient roots of Sigd, and the new expressions of Sigd in Israel today.

The Caribbean + Hanukkah

Explore the rich Jewish heritage of the Caribbean, and a new, diverse perspective on Hanukkah.

Iran + Purim

Celebrate the deep Jewish history of ancient Persia and modern Iran, and discover the continuing relevance of the story of Purim.

Uganda + Passover

Discover one of the world’s newest and most vibrant Jewish communities in Uganda. Learn the story of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda and their unique connection to the timeless story of Passover.

India + Shavuot

Immerse yourself in India’s colorful Jewish history, and learn new ways to approach the ancient story of Shavuot.