Passport to Peoplehood

Passport to Peoplehood (P2P) is an educational resource that explores the history and traditions of Jewish communities around the world in connection with Jewish values and texts. P2P promotes inclusion and diversity as hallmarks of Judaism and fosters cultural competency in an increasingly global world.

P2P explores the diversity of Jewish expression by focusing on how Jewish holidays are celebrated around the world. Each unit pairs a country with a holiday, highlighting the values that connect all Jews. The focus on holidays also invites students to reflect on their own experiences and how those experiences are similar to and different from those of other Jews.


China / Rosh Hashanah

Explore the rich Jewish heritage of China and the connections between Rosh Hashanah and Chinese New Year.

Israel / Sukkot

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Ethiopia / Sigd

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The Caribbean / Hanukkah

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Iran / Purim

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Uganda / Passover

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India / Shavuot

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Understanding the world begins with understanding our history, our family and ourselves. As part of Passport to Peoplehood, we often use these “passports” as workbooks or journals.


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