Passport to Peoplehood: India

Immerse yourself in India’s colorful Jewish history, and learn new ways to approach the ancient story of Shavuot.


India Slideshow

Discover the Jewish history of India.

India Slideshow Script (PDF)

India Educator Background (PDF)

Shavuot Slideshow

What can Shavuot teach us about celebrating difference?

Shavuot Slideshow Script (PDF)

Shavuot Educator Background (PDF)


Indian Dal

This everyday Indian food is a great addition to a weeknight rotation.

Indian Cardamom Kheer

Use this rich, flavorful rice pudding as an opportunity to discuss cooking across cultures.


Versions of Majadra are eaten across India, Ethiopia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Art Projects

Seven Species Window Hangings

Sukkot was once a harvest pilgrimage holiday. Celebrate the traditional Seven Species of Israel with easy-to-make stained “glass” art. Includes printable stencils.

Baruchim Haba’im Rangoli

Combine the Israeli tradition of welcoming signs, “Baruch Haba’im,” with Rangoli, an Indian art form, to create art that emphasizes Jewish hospitality.


India & Welcoming Worksheet

Being welcomed by their neighbors helped define the Indian Jewish community and their perception of themselves. What does it mean to welcome a stranger into your community? How can we use the Jewish concept of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests) to view welcoming as an active process, and how can we use this in the future to make everyone in our community feel included?

Articles about Indian Jews

A selection of articles from our Jewish Diversity Archive, the world’s largest online archive of material about ethnically and racially diverse Jews. Explore the archive >