Passport to Peoplehood: Iran

Celebrate the deep Jewish history of ancient Persia and modern Iran, and discover the continuing relevance of the story of Purim.


Iran Slideshow

Discover the Jewish history of ancient Persia and modern Iran.

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Iran Educator Background (PDF)

Purim Slideshow

What can Queen Esther’s brave act teach us about sharing our own identities?

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Purim Educator Background (PDF)

Art Projects


The symbol of the five-fingered hamsa unites people of many faiths throughout the Middle East. Create a beautiful aluminum or paper hamsa to decorate your home.

Purim Masks and Crowns

Engage in one of Purim’s oldest traditions by making and decorating your own masks and crowns.



These hamantaschen’s delicious “hidden” fillings remind us that, at Purim, the theme of concealment and disguise is everywhere.

Rice Pilaf

Persian Rice PilafInspired by a classic Persian recipe, this is an eye-catching fruit- and nut-studded rice dish.



Challenging Assumptions Worksheet

When we dress up at Purim, we disguise our faces and bodies to control the way we wish to be perceived. But in our everyday lives, we make assumptions about one another based on the same external cues. How can we learn to reserve judgments while making room for people to share their whole selves on their own terms?

Articles about Persian Jews

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