Ariana Mizrahi

Ariana Mizrahi is a teacher, blogger, Director, and doctorate candidate in education leadership and innovation at The Azrieli Graduate School […]

Haftam Yitzhak Heathwood

Haftam Yitzhak Heathwood was born in Ethiopia in 1987 during a time of civil war and famine. Her family was […]

Yanira Quinones

Yanira Quinones graduated from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America with a Masters in Jewish Education with a concentration on […]

Karen Gritz

Karen Gritz was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She holds a BA in Communications and Journalism from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana […]

Tani Prell

Tani Prell (she/her) has her life and career centered around Judaism, education, and the arts, with a commitment to equity […]

Avishai Mekonen

Yeganyahu Avishai Mekonen emigrated from Ethiopia to Israel in 1984 as part of Operation Moses, and has worked as a […]

Manashe Khaimov

Manashe Khaimov is a fourth generation community organizer, informal Jewish educator, and a lifelong learner who brings his passion working […]

Ceen Gabbai

Ceen Gabbai is a Brooklyn based artist and educator. She grew up in Iraq and moved to the United States […]

Bezawit Abebe

Beza Abebe was born in Yabello, Ethiopia, a small town close to the border of Kenya. She grew up in […]