Is Perlman

Is Perlman (they/them) is a transgender, Asian-Jewish artist, poet, designer, and student living in Miami Beach, FL. They are passionate about the intersections of LGBTQ+ advocacy, arts accessibility, and representation of people of color in Jewish spaces. Perlman works in these areas through organizations such as Keshet, Jews Against Marginalization, Culture Shock Miami, and The […]

Maryam Chishti

Maryam Chishti is a proud “Mus Jew” who works in the political/arts space in New York City, with a soft spot for work that intersects the two. She is interfaith, with an Indian/Muslim father and Jewish American mother who raised her in both religions and cultures. Maryam received a B.A. from Brandeis University in American […]

Davi Cheng

Davi Cheng is a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Born in Hong Kong, Davi immigrated to the United States with her family when she was fourteen. In addition to her rich Chinese heritage, Davi has embraced Judaism and is actively involved in her synagogue and the larger Jewish community. Davi’s art work reflects the diverse […]

Gen Slosberg

Gen Xia Ye Slosberg is a writer, community organizer, and Jewish non-profit professional based in the Bay Area. Gen was born and raised in Southern China and moved to the United States as a teenager. She received her B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley in December 2020. She hopes to foster a sense of […]

Jenni Rudolph

Jenni Rudolph is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, vocalist, and vocal producer, with a broader background in media production. Jenni was featured in Jubilee Media’s “Do All Multiracial People Think The Same?”, and has created a song, music video, and upcoming documentary, “Water & Oil,” about mixed identity in collaboration with a team of mixed creatives.

Jared Chiang-Zeizel

Jared Chiang-Zeizel is an LA-based writer, editor, and producer. Growing up he never found himself fully part of any community — not quite Asian enough, not quite Jewish enough. A compulsive daydreamer, he often would dive into his imagination and explore fantastical worlds and stories. It wasn’t until after he graduated college that he realized […]