Uplifting Asian Jewish Voices

At Be’chol Lashon, we celebrate the stories and contributions of Asian Jews. The past year has seen a rise in discrimination and violence against Asian Americans, who have been wrongly scapegoated for the coronavirus pandemic. We hold our Asian Jewish family during this painful time. We see you, we hear you, and we support you. You are a valuable part of the global Jewish community.

Below we highlight articles by and about Asian Jews that have appeared in our publication, Jewish&. We also invite you to watch a new short-form video series, LUNAR: The Jewish-Asian Film Project, about young adults who exist at the intersection of Jewish and Asian American.

My Comfort Foods

Sarah Gertz, Jewish&, 03/24/2022

A Chinese American Jewish teen explores the intersections of her identity through food.

Red Bean Hamantaschen

Tobie Meyer-Fong, Jewish&, 03/07/2022

My mother’s hamantaschen experiments yielded important results.

What’s A Jew of Color Anyway?

Shekhiynah Larks, Jewish&, 02/22/2022

Robin Washington discusses the complexity of the term Jews of Color and what that means for whiteness in the American Jewish community.

Three New Years

Howard Tam and Rabbi Meir Bargeron, Jewish&, 02/03/2022

This time of year, we are especially reminded of the abundant cultural blessings in our lives.