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Book Review: The Story of Queen Esther

Shekhiynah Larks, 03/13/2020

The ancient story of Queen Esther has been told for generations as an example of wisdom and great personal courage. Her bravery is still commemorated each year in the Jewish festival of Purim.

A Purim Food Primer

Giora Shimoni, 01/09/2019

Traditional foods and recipe suggestions for this festive holiday.

Purim Traditions Around the World

Mark Mietkiewicz, 03/01/2018

As Judaism’s happiest day of the year, we are familiar with the hamantashen, greggers and the costumes. But how about holiday snowmen, human-shaped cakes and crying cacti? These are just some of the Purim traditions from around the world.

Purim en Barcelona

Ben Harris, 03/20/2011

Of all the spots on the Jewish map where I could have spent Purim, I never would have chosen Barcelona. But the itinerary worked out this way and it wound up being one of those random experiences that I’ve come to appreciate doing this job.