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Books, Monographs & Journal Articles

In Every Tongue: The Racial & Ethnic Diversity of the Jewish People

A groundbreaking look at the changing faces of the Jewish people and the implications for the world Jewish community. 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist for the category "Multicultural Non-Fiction Adult"

"In Every Tongue needs to be studied, wrestled with, built upon, and integrated in the public policy thinking of the organized Jewish community. The future of the Jewish people depends on it." — Rabbi Irwin Kula, CLAL, New York

Opening the Gates: How Proactive Conversion Can Revitalize the Jewish Community

A no-holds-barred argument for a radically different understanding of Jews' relationship to their faith and to their non-Jewish neighbors.

"Gary Tobin has written the most important and challenging book in American Jewish public policy in years. People may agree or disagree, but no one interested in contemporary Jewish life will be able to ignore this work." — Steven L. Spiegel, UCLA professor of political science

Rabbis Talk About Intermarriage

Rabbis face daily decisions about whether or not to perform wedding ceremonies with intermarried couples, how to counsel interfaith couples, what they will teach their congregants about intermarriage, and how interfaith families fit into the synagogue.

"With empathic intelligence, the authors examine the ambiguities and ambivalences that confront the rabbi who is torn by seemingly conflictive loyalties." — Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, rabbi, Valley Beth Shalom

The Uncivil University: Intolerance on College Campuses

The UnCivil University tells a cautionary tale for all readers, whatever their background, of how higher education, an institution so touted for its open-mindedness, has become a prime vehicle for politically motivated prejudice.

"As this important book makes clear, it is high time for all of us to insist that colleges promote a civil yet robust exchange of ideas—the very foundation of a liberal education." — Anne Neal, president, American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Facing the Charge: Research on Jewish Student Identity

The most effective defense against charges of racism is to embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of Jewish identity.

Racial Diversity and the American Jewish Community: Best Practices to Build Cultural Competence in Jewish Communal Organizations

Judaism, no matter how compelling it may be, will lose out if participation in Jewish life occurs outside of and separate from the prevailing trends in America of integration, multiculturalism, and identity innovation.

"This is a terrific article. Solid background as to the importance of the issue, good introduction to important concepts, and suggestions for implementation." — Reviewer

A Study of Jewish Culture in the Bay Area

The data provided by this study will help us understand the role that Jewish cultural encounters play in developing and strengthening American Jewish identity in order to reinforce and expand diverse expressions of Jewish identity, as well as to better plan and support the creative evolution of Jewish life in America through culture.

"I quote the Study of Jewish Culture in the Bay Area all the time, as it is more apropos than ever." — Lenore Naxon, Naxon Consulting

Surveying the Jewish Population in the United States (2003)

Part 1 presents a Jewish population estimate that is based on this survey along with the methodology and procedures employed. Part 2 is a broad-ranging review of the current issues facing the field that, we believe, offers some new ideas.

Discussion Guides

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Jewish Community

Now, more than ever, we need to practice two skills: telling our stories and listening to the stories of others.

Little White Lie

Little White Lie manages to be both a particular family’s story, but also raises larger questions for us all.

Spanish Siddurim

Siddur Minjat Refael para Shabbat

Siddur ashkenazí para Shabbat con traducción, transliteración y comentario en castellano. Ashkenazi siddur for Shabbat with Spanish translation, transliteration and commentary.

Note: The Ashkenazi nusach (style) traces its roots to the Jewish communities of Central Europe.

Siddur Kol Tuv Sefarad para la víspera de Shabbat

Siddur sefaradí para la víspera del Shabbat con traducción, transliteración y comentario en castellano. Sephardic siddur for Erev Shabbat with Spanish translation, transliteration and commentary.

Note: The Sephardic or Spanish-Portuguese nusach (style) originated in Spain and Portugal.