In Every Tongue: The Racial and Ethnic Diversity of the Jewish People was published in 2005. The book—a summary of the study and the first 5 years of Be’chol Lashon programming—explains that “Jews have always resembled the peoples among whom they live, whether in Africa, Asia, or Europe. In America where racial and ethnic boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, the American Jewish community is also shifting. In Every Tongue is both a groundbreaking look at the changing faces of the Jewish people and an examination of the timelessness of those changes. According to a review by Ephraim Tabory of Bar Ilan University, “Policy makers, educators, rabbis, and thinkers (without intending to imply that these are mutually exclusive categories) would do well to read the book and consider the implications for Judaism and the Jewish people. Grappling with these issues might help clarify what it means today to be Jewish.”