The next step in Abayudaya Community Health & Development Plan was to build a health center. It was decided that it would be centrally located in Mbale providing accessible health care to the most villagers. In June 2010, the Be’chol Lashon team and major funders traveled to Uganda to dedicate the Tobin Heath Center, named in honor of Dr. Gary Tobin z”l. The 4,000 sq ft facility has two stories with 20 rooms licensed by the Ministry of Health. Unlike many clinics in town, there is a generator to handle the frequent power outages in Uganda. The Tobin Health Center is making a significant contribution to the health and well being of not only to the Abayudaya but to the larger community as well. As a minority in the region, improved healthcare and community development provided by the Abayudaya Jews to their Christian and Muslim neighbors promotes peaceful co-existence and helps combat anti-Semitism. At one net distribution the district health officer remarked, “I have been in office for over 12 years working with different NGOs but I have never seen services like the Abayudaya: providing education to over 400 orphans, providing safe water to the community, distributing treated mosquito nets, and unrestricted access to affordable medical care has provided hope to so many. The Abayudaya community is an example to the whole Namanyonyi sub-county. Let us look at each other as brothers and sisters.” Since Tobin Health Center opened, deaths from malaria have been reduced by 90%.