Be’chol Lashon (Hebrew for “in every language”) strengthens Jewish identity by raising awareness about the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of global Jewish identity and experience.


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Bay Area Multicultural Jewish Family Circle

Be’chol Lashon is starting a Bay Area Multicultural Jewish Family Circle. Our goal is to provide a space for families to explore ethnic and racial identity in a Jewish context.

Diversity Workshops

Be'chol Lashon provides opportunities for Jewish professionals and others to actively engage in conversations about race, ethnicity and identity.

Camp Be'chol Lashon

Registration is currently open for Camp Be'chol Lashon, a multicultural Jewish leadership camp at Walker Creek Ranch in West Marin, CA.


As Jews become more integrated into American society, it should come as no surprise that growing numbers of Black, Asian, Latinx and mixed-race individuals are part of the Jewish community.


Passport to Peoplehood is an educational resource that explores Jewish communities around the world through the traditions and cultural arts that defines each unique culture, as well as recognizing the shared values that connect all Jews.

Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau includes diverse community, academic and cultural arts leaders, like singer Sarah Aroeste, above. Book a speaker to address your community.

What’s New

Articles, blog posts and events related to ethnic and racial diversity in Jewish life

A biracial Jewish filmmaker refuses to shy from thorny questions of identity

Rich Tenorio, The Times of Israel, 10/06/2019

Lacey Schwartz Delgado’s dual identities as an African-American and New York Jew inform her documentary, ‘Little White Lie,’ and her current work with youth via Be’chol Lashon

Welcoming My Unwelcomed Ancestors this Sukkot

Julian Voloj, Jewish&, 10/10/2019

Sharing the diversity of my Jewish life with my grandparents.

The Story of Ethiopian Jews

The 14th Street Y, NY, NY, 10/15/2019

Join us for Israeli food and group discussion with Israeli Shaliach Ophir Tal. In this session, we will review the unique history and culture of the Ethiopian Jewish community, learn their struggle to fit into Israeli society, and take inspiration from their story.

Atonement: The Jewish case for black reparations

Gabriel Greschler, The J., 10/04/2019

“This [discrimination] is in my generation’s lifetime. This is not ancient history. There was an injustice done,” “So, the whole question is, what are you going to do about it?”

Special Sukkah Guests, from Dona Gracia to Jaden Smith

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 10/07/2019

Jews of many backgrounds share the ushpizin they would invite this Sukkot.

An Evening of Radical Welcome

Marlene Meyerson JCC, NYC, NY, 10/17/2019

Join JCC Harlem,in the park and under the stars for an evening of food, ritual, song, and community. We will be gathering in a sukkah (a temporary dwelling or tabernacle) created by Harlem-based artist Elan Cadiz to celebrate and share the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Reggae Singer Ziggy Marley Honored for Israel Support in Face of BDS Pressure

Shiryn Ghermezian, The Algemeiner, 10/04/2019

Jamaican singer Ziggy Marley, the son of late reggae icon Bob Marley, reaffirmed his support for Israel at a recent event in Los Angeles.

“Jewpanese” Foodie Shares Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Carmel Ayala Tanaka, Jewish&, 09/25/2019

On the menu: salmon teriyaki and miso maple trout.

The Institute for Jewish Executive Leadership

Columbia University, NYC, NY, 10/18/2019

Apply for The Institute for Jewish Executive Leadership, offered in partnership with Columbia Business School at Columbia University. If you're a CEO, executive director, or c-suite executive, The Institute for Jewish Executive Leadership invites you to develop and hone your leadership skillset. Limited.

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