Wild, colorful, book of portraits shatters all stereotypes of who is a Jew

Jenni Frazer, The Times of Israel, 11/22/2019

Catch an Argentinian-Jewish cowboy, a murderer, tattooed Jews and more in ‘Jew,’ by John Offenbach, the center of a new exhibit at London’s Jewish Museum through April.

During the Jewish High Holidays, there’s a growing awareness that not all U.S. Jews are white

Michelle Boorstein, The Washington Post, 09/28/2019

Rabbi Joseph Berman’s sermon for the Jewish High Holidays, which begin Sunday at sunset, highlights a core ethos of this new synagogue in Northwest Washington — Jews aren’t just white people from Europe.

Bringing Young, Diverse Jews Together — Over Kugel

Alan Zeitlin, The Algemeiner, 09/19/2019

There are Jews who are black, Latino, LGBTQ, and Jews who have different levels of observance and want to embrace their Jewish identity in a space with no judging. That’s what we’re about.

Leading in a Diverse World: Part Two

Christina Walker, Christianity Today, 09/29/2018

Perspectives from four multinational leaders.

Jewish organizations playing catch-up to racially diverse community

Maya Mirsky, The Jewish News of Northern California, 08/10/2018

Looking at the levels of diversity and inclusion in Jewish organizations in our communities.

Racial diversity in Brazil ‘turns to a new page’

Andres Schipani, Financial Times, 05/14/2018

Black Brazilians are making their voices heard and affirmative action is helping.

Diversity Is More Than A Color

Joan Yabani, Blavity, 01/01/2018

This Isn't About A Pipeline Problem: Myths About Diversity In Tech That Need To Be Buried

How Can Jews Talk About Race?

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Jewish&, 01/10/2017

How can Jews talk about race? How can Jews not talk about race? Race is part of all of our lives no matter the color of our skin or Jewish background.

The Sound of Jewish Diversity

Team Be'chol Lashon, Jewish&, 09/21/2016

What is Jewish music?

A Year of Stories and Thanks

Be'chol Lashon Staff, Jewish&, 11/24/2014

At Be'chol Lashon we are quietly and joyfully marking a year since the launch of Jewish&. Sharing stories is one of the best ways we know about how to celebrate diversity and the richness of both the historic and contemporary Jewish experience.