Netanyahu: Israel Must Do More to Incorporate Ethiopian Jews, Combat Racism

Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, 06/03/2019

The government must do more to integrate Israelis who immigrated from Ethiopia and to combat racism and discrimination against them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

By foot from Ethiopia via Sudan, Vered is inspired by parents’ sacrifice

Kobe Lieberman, Israel and Stuff, 05/23/2019

Incredible story of sacrifice and the inspiration of a child, Vered Achihon, now 39, who walked to Israel with her parents from Ethiopia via Sudan, on a perilous journey spanning months.

The Ethiopian Israeli Artist Whose 'Black Art' Gives Power to the People

Vered Lee, Haaretz, 05/10/2019

Nirit Takele says she has always painted about the disadvantaged Ethiopian community; it’s not some stream of ‘black art’ shown for the trendy in New York or London

Eden Dersso Is the Changing Face of Tel Aviv’s Hip-Hop Scene

Liana Satenstein, Vogue, 04/02/2019

Over the past year, Dersso has become a sensation in the city’s small but growing rap scene, yet she has spent her whole life preparing for this meteoric rise.

When Ethiopian Jews Tried To Save European Jews From Holocaust

Seth J. Frantzman, The Jerusalem Post, 01/27/2019

Ethiopian Jews suffered under the Italian occupation but by 1943 they were able to reach out to the emperor to suggest hosting Jews fleeing Europe.

First Ethiopian Jewry Research Hub Aims to Preserve Community’s Traditions

Melanie Lidman, Times of Israel, 01/08/2019

Led by popular Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, the new institute seeks to move beyond ‘proving’ community’s ties to ancient Judaism.

The Revolutionary History of Ethiopia’s Jews

David Ratner, Haaretz, 10/29/2018

A new study reveals that Beta Israel were active in the Marxist-inspired armed struggle to overthrow the regime

Ethiopia Appoints Its First Female President

Hadra Ahmed and Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, The New York Times, 10/25/2018

From Small Town Ethiopia to Big City Law Student

Bezawit Abebe, Jewish&, 10/23/2018

How parents' courage inspired a life of service for one Ethiopian Jew

The Wisdom Bird: A Tale of Solomon and Sheba

Sheldon oberman and Neil Waldman, , 09/01/2000

A Biblical tale of Solomon and Sheba.

Faraway Home

Jane Kurtz and E.B. Lewis, , 03/06/2000

As her father prepares for a trip back to his childhood home in Ethiopia, Desta begins to worry: Where does her father truly belong, in the village of his youth or here in America with her?

The Storyteller's Beads

Jane Kurtz, , 04/15/1998

Running for their lives to escape the political upheaval in Ethiopia, two young girls from different faiths form an unlikely friendship.

On the Wings of Eagles: An Ethiopian Boy's Story

Jeffrey Schrier, , 04/01/1998

An Ethiopian Jewish boy recounts the story of Israel's 1991 airlift rescue of his threatened people.

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

Blu Greenberg, Linda Tarry and Avi Katz, , 10/01/1997

Queen Makeda sets out to learn whether King Solomon truly possesses the wisdom of the ages.

When I Left My Village

Maxine Rose Schur and Brian Pinkney, , 01/01/1996

An Ethiopian Jewish family leaves their oppressed mountain village to make a difficult and treacherous journey in the hope of reaching freedom in Israel.

The Perfect Orange: A Tale from Ethiopia

Frank P. Araujo and Xiao-Jun Li, , 12/01/1994

An inspiring gentle folktale set in Ancient Ethiopia. Breathtaking watercolors dramatize ancient Ethiopia s contrasting pastoral charm and majesty.

My Name Is Rachamim

Jonathan Kendall, Eshetie, 06/01/1987

Rachamim and his family, Jews suffering from discrimination in Ethiopia, are forced to flee the country and finally make it to a new home in Israel.