Atonement: The Jewish case for black reparations

Gabriel Greschler, The J., 10/04/2019

“This [discrimination] is in my generation’s lifetime. This is not ancient history. There was an injustice done,” “So, the whole question is, what are you going to do about it?”

Tikkun Olam on Juneteenth

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 06/16/2014

Despite the fact that it’s a celebration, I have bittersweet feelings about Juneteenth.

PRESS RELEASE: Multi-Racial Jewish Reporter Wins 2013 Be'chol Lashon Media Award

Team Be'chol Lashon, , 04/22/2013

Born into a family with German-Jewish and Jamaican roots, Simone Weichselbaum was selected for her piercing, respectful, accurate and often entertaining reporting of the multicultural borough, in particular its Orthodox Jews and Jews of color.

PRESS RELEASE: Black Jewish Hip-Hop Video Premiere Kicks Off Be'chol Lashon Media Awards

Team Be'chol Lashon, , 05/19/2011

A new music video, "This is Unity" by Black Orthodox Jewish hip-hop artist Y-Love, highlighted the Be'chol Lashon International Think Tank May 13-16.

PRESS RELEASE: New Media Award in Jewish Diversity

Team Be'chol Lashon, , 05/28/2008

The purpose of the Be'chol Lashon Media Awards is to give recognition to journalists and others covering the wide diversity of Jewish identity. 

How Kosher is "Kosher Soul?"

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 02/23/2015

What could be funnier than a black man marrying a white woman? Before you say "Loving v. Virginia," hold on, there's more: Make that a white Jewish woman. Isn't that a stitch?

Lessons from Catholic Mass for Rosh Hashanah

Robin Washington, Jewish&, 09/04/2014