From the Ghetto to the Mainstream

Linda Abdul Aziz Menuhin, The Tel Aviv Review of Books, 11/01/2020

Arabic music in Israel has achieved great success over the last two decades.

For Jewish Israelis of Yemenite Heritage, Reviving a Past

Malin Fezehai, New York Times, 11/17/2018

Pre-wedding henna ceremonies have regained popularity in Israel’s Jewish Yemenite community, an expression of ethnic pride in their heritage and traditions.

South Yemen Speaks

Abdulsalam Mused, The Jerusalem Post, 06/23/2018

The synagogues and monuments that once belonged to the Jewish community were saved and kept by our forces. Until today, we believe in the right of the southern Jews to their land and properties.

Yemen minister says fate of country’s last 50 Jews unknown

TOI Staff, The Times of Israel, 04/16/2017

Moammer al-Iryani says Houthi rebels, who control capital Sana’a, are engaged in ethnic cleansing which includes seeking to rid Yemen of all Jews

Yemeni Jews brought to Israel in secret mission

Staff, BBC, 03/21/2016

Some of the last remaining Jews in war-torn Yemen have been brought to Israel in a secret mission. The Jewish Agency, which is responsible for Jewish immigration to Israel, said 19 people had arrived in recent days, among them a rabbi carrying a 500-year-old Torah scroll.

How modern Jewish singers are keeping an ancient Yemeni tradition alive

Ruth Eglash, The Washington Post, 01/08/2016

n some communities in the Middle East, women are often bound by a conservative, patriarchal culture that prevents them from working outside the home and dictates that they take up more traditional roles within the family.

Israel says A-WA - "Yes!" - to singing Yemeni sisters

Avishay Artsy, Public Radio International, 06/04/2015

Three musically-talented sisters from Israel have formed a band that’s gaining a following in the Muslim world.

How Yemenite Jewish Performer Enchanted New York City

Chana Pollack, The Forward, 09/18/2014

Yemeni Jews secretly airlifted to Israel

Webmast, JTA, 08/14/2013

The Yemenite Baby Affair: What if this was your child?

Shoshana Mamoni-Gerber, +972, 07/11/2013

A well-known Israeli journalist casts doubt on one of the most tragic affairs in the country’s history: the alleged kidnapping of thousands of Yemenite babies between the years 1948 to 1954. Now, one prominent scholar asks why journalists are siding with the state’s narrative, rather than using their power to expose what may be hiding from the Israeli public.

Keeping ties with the past Yemeni Jews and modern challenges

Mohammed Bin Sallam, Yemen Times, 09/10/2007

Yemeni Jews Face Growing Sectarian Troubles

Ginni HIll, Christian Science Monitor, 04/04/2007