8th International Latino Film Festival

San Francisco Bay Area
November 5-21, 2004

San Francisco-San Jose-San Rafael-Larkspur-Berkeley-Sonoma-Belmont
For films, location, dates, and times go to www.latinofilmfestival.org

The festival began in 1997 in Marin County at one theater with 10 films. In 2003 it was in 7 cities, at 15 venues with 64 films. Each year the festival event has grown in attendance, prestige, and international recognition. The festival has been invited to sit at the International Council of Film Festivals. We bring U.S. premieres, films and music from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Central and South American countries, tributes, and celebrities in the continuing high quality tradition of our festival.

Our Youth in Video program, which inspires and teaches young minority filmmakers the art of filmmaking, received grants from the NEA and private foundations. In 2002 our Youth in Video students produced “Chavez 101” which won the SFIFF Golden Gate Award for “Best Youth Work.” This film has been selected for screening at several other film festivals in the U.S. as well as a youth festival in Athens, Greece. Africans from Sudan – both Christian and Muslim – will gather at the UN Plaza at noon on Sunday, Sept. 12 to protest the slavery and slaughter of blacks by the Arab, Islamist regime in Khartoum. The genocide continues in Darfur, Western Sudan, where African Muslims are being murdered, disposed and abducted by Arab militia armed by the National Islamic Front regime. Joining the Sudanese will be African Muslims from Mauritania, who are also oppressed, disposed and enslaved by the Arab regime in their country.