Anousim Gathering and Lecture in Texas

Tammuz 5764

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 13, at 7:00pm, the Jewish Community Center of Houston, Texas, will be hosting a unique lecture event on the phenomenon of the return (to Judaism) of Hispanic people who had ancestors who were secret or hidden Jews, forced to convert to Catholicism (conversos) to survive the ethnic cleansing that began in Spain around the 10th and then the 15th centuries.

Entitled Saudades (The Longing), the event features lectures by Bennet Greenspan, head of Family Tree DNA in Houston, and by Yaffah Batya daCosta, a “returnee” with converso roots and active in efforts to educate and encourage Jews regarding those with backgrounds similar to her own.

DaCosta is currently working with Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz the Av Beit Din of the CRC and other RCA organizations. The late Rabbi Aaron Soloveitchik and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Rishon LeZion and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, have already endorsed the efforts of those who help the Anousim return to their Jewish roots.

A Spanish translation of the lectures will be made available at the free lecture.

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