‘Bukharian Jews of New York’

“Bukharian Jews of New York” is a photographic exploration of Bukharian Jewish youth in their formative years, when their identities and worldviews take shape. More than two decades after a major wave of immigration from Central Asia, there is now a generation of young Bukharian Jews born in America. Photographer George Itzhak creates evocative portraits of children that capture private introspective moments, and scenes of engagement in communal spaces and gatherings. The Bukharian Jewish Diaspora is diverse and multifaceted, but the slice of life in Queens, New York presented in these photos offers a glimpse into a generation dealing with the ever present challenges of familial expectations, language, influences, and assimilation.

The evening will begin with a video component, with two short films that explore the intersection of food, immigration, memory, and assimilation.

“Making Bakhsh in Rego Park” presents the intimate and nostalgia-laden process of preparing a traditional Bukharian Jewish meal in a Rego Park kitchen. (5 mins)

“Broccoli” is a Russian-language short based Lara Vapnyar’s story of the same name. It depicts Nina, a recent immigrant from the FSU, who copes with relocation to Brooklyn and a divorce through a strange affinity for vegetables. (24 mins)

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