Event: 5th Annual Bay Area Be’chol Lashon Chanukah Celebration

The Golden Gate Club, The Presidio, San Francisco
RSVP- 415.386.2604
No charge

Join the Institute for Jewish & Community Research for the 5th Annual Bay Area Be’chol Lashon Chanukah Celebration for racially, ethnically and culturally diverse Jews in the Bay Area for candlelighting, music, dance and conversation. Chanukah recalls the victory in 166 B.C.E. – more than 2100 years ago – of a militarily weak but spiritually strong Jewish people. Lighting the Chanukah Menorah symbolizes the triumph of freedom over oppression, of spirit over matter, of light over darkness – a timely and reassuring message. The name Chanukah means “dedication.”Sharing the same root as the Hebrew word for education (chinuch), it denotes the opportunity to dedicate oneself to Judaism through study and knowledge. Our friends and spiritual leaders, Rabbi Capers Funnye, Dr. Miri Hunter Haruach, Dr. Alex Karp, Rabbi Gershom Sizomu and others, will lead thought provoking discussions with adults, as well as educational crafts and games for children.