Event: Live at Grinnell College: The Afro-Semitic Experience Program

Saturday, April 9-14, 2005

Co- Sponsored by Grinnell College’s Chaltuzim and Concerned Black Student Group
FREE And OPEN to the Public

Calender of Events for the Afro-Semitic Experience Program sponsored by CBS/Chalutzim. CBS and Chalutzim have organized a week-long program that will further discuss Black/Jewish relations in this country. Please feel free to email Chalutzim@grinnell.edu or CBS@grinnell.edu with any questions.

Sat. April 9th

Afro-Semitic Experience Jazz Duo Warren Byrd and David Chevan
7:00 pm @ Forum South Lounge

African-American jazz pianist Warren Byrd, and Jewish-American jazz bassist David Chevan present a unique musical program that merges their distinct cultures and heritages and delivers a positive and meaningful message about Black-Jewish relations. The duo weave stories and music together as they interpret and explain pieces from the Jewish and African-American sacred traditions. The combination of their sophisticated jazz artistry, wit, and reverence for the material makes for a moving, one-of-a-kind musical experience. This concert presentation is an appropriate and relevant program for audiences of all ages. ** Stay after the performance to have an informal discussion with the duo about the ensemble and the importance of their work in bridging the black and Jewish communities**

Sun. April 10th

*PBS Documentary “From Swastika to Jim Crow”
7:00 pm @ Forum South Lounge

*In the 1930s Jewish intellectuals who escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to the U.S. faced an uncertain future. Confronted with anti-Semitism at American universities and a public distrust of foreigners, many sought refuge in an unlikely place-traditionally black colleges in the segregated South. Securing teaching positions, these scholars came to form lasting relationships with their students, and made significant contributions to the communities in which they lived and worked. Based on the book by Gabrielle Simon Edgcomb, From Swastika to Jim Crow tells the little-known story of two very different cultures sharing a common burden of oppression. The scholars found new meaning and purpose in their adopted homeland. Their students, benefiting from the knowledge brought to them by these refugees, were able to go on and develop their own academic careers. The video also highlights the role of African Americans, like Ralph Bunche, in securing positions for these refugee scholars at places like Howard University, Tougaloo College and Hampton Institute.

Mon. April 11th

Panel Discussion facilitated by Prof. Katya Azoulay -Jewish Identities: Quintessential Diversity
Followed by a short DVD presentation by Be’chol Lashon intern, Elena Rubin 7:00 pm @ Forum South Lounge

Tues. April 12th
Presentation by Professor Ralph Russell- Fusions of Musical Traditions in the Creation of Jazz
12:00 pm @ Forum South Lounge

Thurs. April 14th

MEGA CLASS with Prof. Katya Azoulay,Prof. Ira Strauber,and Prof. Jonathan Brand:
Discussion on St. Francis College et al. v. Majid Ghaidan Al Khazraji and Shaare Tefila Congregation v. William Cobb et al. A landmark class-action suit heard by the U.S. Supreme Court (and decided 18 May 1987) in which Jews and Arabs are recognized as racial groups for the specific purpose of filing complaints of racial discrimination 11:00 am @ ARH Building Room 302