Handful Players Presents : The Frisco Kid
Join Handful Players for our latest musical theater production, “The Frisco Kid” by Bay Area hip-hop artist, Rahman Jamaal. Starring the talented students of Rosa Parks Elementary School, “The Frisco Kid” is based on the life of Lonnie “PopTart” Green a.k.a. “The Fillmore Kid,” a legendary dancer from the Fillmore District’s strutting scene. Steeped in the rich cultural history of the Fillmore, the production celebrates how the performing arts can both inspire youth and strengthen community. “The Frisco Kid” recreates pivotal moments from Lonnie’s childhood, when he embraced dance at the age of 11. A tribute to the Fillmore’s vibrant past, performed by its future, “the Frisco Kid” is a testament to the value of looking back while moving forward.