JCRC TOWN HALL – “Race and Education”



Presenters: Eva Paterson, President and Co-Founder, Equal Justice Society; Ryan Smith, Executive Director, The Education Trust-West; and Sheryl Davis, Founding Director, Mo’MAGIC

Moderator: Ilana Kaufman, JCRC PACE Director, East Bay

Segregation ended in the 1960s, but schools with high concentrations of low-income and minority students still tend to evidence an alarming achievement gap. Despite the positive impact that learning can have on communities, policies and practices often push schoolchildren into the criminal justice system — a problem that’s become known as the “school-to-prison pipeline.” What can be done to change these educational inequities? Join our Town Hall and engage in our consensus building process through real-time polling.

Upcoming Town Halls
Town Halls provide an opportunity for JCRC members and members of JCRC member organizations to engage in our consensus-building process. JCRC brings top-level experts to discuss the most pertinent issues and uses technological tools for live polling to ensure everyone can provide feedback and input.

Race and Voting Rights
September – East Bay and North Bay

Race and the Environment
December – San Francisco and the Peninsula

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