Jews of Color Discuss Racial Bias and Privilege in Israel and the U.S.

Tuesday, October 24th

Farella, Braun, and Martel offices
235 Montgomery Street, 17th Floor
San Francisco

What does it mean to be a Jew today?
What does allyship mean?
How do we confront the intersection between racism and anti-Semitism?

Come hear Meytal Russo and Oraneet Shikmah Orevi speak about their personal experiences as both fierce activists and women of color in Israel and the US. Our conversation will be facilitated by our friend hadar cohen a Sephardi/Mizrachi Jewish woman.



[photo - Meytal Russo]

Meytal Russo is a Human rights activist and lawyer, Mizrahi feminist, and new mom to Eleanor. Meytal interned at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and works mainly on immigration law, East Jerusalem issues and social rights. She is especially interested in shining a light on the Israeli Ministry of Interior and its unequal treatment of non-Jews. Keenly aware of being an immigrant herself, Meytal likes complicated debates about intersectionality.



[photo - Oraneet Shikmah Orevi]Oraneet Shikmah Orevi is an Israeli-American, Mizrahi, queer/bisexual woman of color, feminist, and Jewish social justice activist. Due to her various identities, Oraneet is especially interested in and inspired by the intersectionality of identities and how the differences between them overlap to reveal united communities and commonalities. Currently, Oraneet is a poverty housing attorney fighting to keep some of the most vulnerable Bay Area community members in their homes. She is deeply committed to creating and contributing to spaces where everyone belongs.



[photo - Hadar Cohen]
Hadar Cohen is a spiritual seeker of justice + community organizer. she runs pivot to bloom, an organization working for gender equity in the tech world. born in jerusalem, hadar is a sephardi/mizrachi jew committed to liberation in israel/palestine. She studied electrical engineering at cooper union + is an artist with a focus on print-making and poetry. She loves learning critical theory, working to dismantle capitalism + being in relationship with G-d through religion + experience.