Passover The Event

Passover The Event

March 28, 2013 8pm

Zanger Hall
347 West 34th St., NYC

ECS & Shemspeed are hosting the launch of Semitic Swag, a fashion, art and music site inspired by the success of Shemspeed’s launch of the Israeli Keffiyeh which received some controversy after its feature in the NY Times.

‘Passover: the Event’ is bringing together Musicians and Painters, Fashion and Wine, Jewelry and Sculptures… that fuel the feelings of freedom and tradition existing in our illustrious culture and serves as a reminder of our rich heritage.

Moshe Dayan said “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”, and a little wine and music always helps. As Passover approaches we are taking this opportunity to celebrate and embrace our freedoms.

Highlights of the evening will include live music by one of the city’s hottest underground music acts, with Diwon on the decks plus a fashion installation previewing the latest apparel by Semitic Swag’s chief designer, Boris Chertok, creator of the Israeli Keffiyeh.

According to Shemspeed’s founder and artist / DJ / American-Israeli producer Diwon (Erez Safar), “We envision a very unique event that combines fashion, art, music, and performance in a way that breaks down the boundary between the artwork and the audience. We hope to create an environment in which the viewer is — in a very real sense — part of the artistic experience.” Painters will be creating pieces live which will be available as part of the events silent auction. “We want to cultivate a hands-on, interactive atmosphere that unites artists and attendees in the creative process,” Diwon added.

The event will give the audience a chance to meet the premium vendors of Wine, Vodka, Fashion, Art and Jewelry that exist in the Jewish World.

“It is not just an upscale event to drink and enjoy a night with your peers… ‘Passover: the Event’ will replenish your spirit, warm your heart and connect you to a network of people that will make your next year’s feel exponentially more rewarding than your last.” says Avi Werde, the CEO of ECS (Event Connection Source).

‘Passover: the Event’ invites you to come on a journey that glorifies our rich and beautiful history, by exploring the collective talents that live in our culture, and reinvigorate our passion in our unlimited potential for a bright and Passionate future.

It was together that we were displaced, together that we built our nation, and together we will celebrate!

Join us March 28th at Zanger Hall 347 W 34th Street 8pm for what the industry is calling a “rare treasure of cultural collectives and celebration”

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