San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 36


Mo Morris I USA 2015 I Documentary I 57 min

Bay Area artist and civil rights activist Edythe “Edy” Boone is a sprightly septuagenarian who seems only to gain energy over the years. Since she was a girl, this celebrated muralist (i.e. the San Francisco Women’s Building) has aspired “to develop a new color no one has seen in life.” Her unflagging drive and determination are captured by Berkeley filmmaker Mo Morris in this film’s every frame. Preceded by Arc of Justice.

Director Mo Morris and Subject Edythe Boone in person.

This film is part of our Take Action Day program focused on social justice films in the spirit of the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam.

Castro | Friday, July 29, 11:00AM Roda Theatre | Thursday, August 4, 1:50PM

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