The Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis: Personal Experience from an LGBTQ Perspective

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Subhi Nahas and Ali Khoie, who will give first-hand accounts of their lives in Syria and Iran and later as refugees in the region. They’ll also reflect on the refugee systems which ultimately brought them to the United States. Neil Grungras, founder and CEO of ORAM International, will provide an overview of regional migration patterns and the systems and mechanisms set up to handle them.

Subhi Nahas is a LGTBQI activist from Syria, who currently works at ORAM. In August, he made history when he spoke in front of the United Nations Security Council addressing LGTBQI issues in the Middle East.

Ali Khoie is a skilled Farsi-English translator working at ORAM, who has extensive knowledge on refugee procedures and protection.

Neil Grungas is the founder and CEO of ORAM International, and he is an immigration attorney with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors.

Refreshments will be served. Free and Open to the Public.