What kind of videos will LUNAR be making, and what topics will they touch on?

We will be filming, editing and promoting a series of 5-8 videos. Five of the videos will be five to ten minutes, covering each of the following sub-themes in the context of Jewish Asian American identity — finding community, food, language, stereotypes & the model minority myth, and cultural values. The rest (number of videos […]

What organizations are involved with LUNAR?

We are partnering with Be’chol Lashon to host our content on their blog and social media platforms. Be’chol Lashon (Hebrew for “in every language”), founded in 2000, strengthens Jewish identity by raising awareness about the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. We are also generously funded by the Jews of Color […]

What inspired you to create LUNAR?

This project was inspired by five young Chinese and Jewish womxn, who came together through Facebook and gathered on Zoom to talk about our experiences with our racial and cultural identities. Choosing such a specific identity intersection allowed our discussion to start with more common ground and uncover more nuances. While we could relate to […]

Why is the project called LUNAR?

We named this project LUNAR because it is an accessible, clear way to represent the intersection of Jewish and Asian-American identities. Both Jewish and some Asian cultural holidays are based on lunisolar calendars, and the moon holds symbolic significance in many Asian cultures and literature traditions. The moon also represents how many multicultural folks navigate […]