What do I gain as a contributor to the project?

All contributors will be credited on our website and in the cookbook with their name and desired affiliation. They will also receive a free copy of the cookbook once produced. Contributors will also be included in the decision-making process in helping choose a charity to donate to our cookbook profits.

How can I meet other Jews of Color?

By submitting, you will automatically be added to a short mailing list. We may occasionally send emails inviting submitters to attend virtual meet-ups, Shabbat dinners, and cooking classes. We hope that these meet-ups will allow Jews of Color around the world to come together in celebration of their food-related traditions. You can also subscribe to […]

When will the cookbook be published?

We’re currently planning for a three year timeline, so we hope to have the cookbook published by 2024. We will notify you when we have a release date!

What inspired the idea of the cookbook?

In high school, as a part of the Jewish United Fund’s Research Training Internship, one of the cookbook leaders, Alana, created a Jews of Color cook booklet, entitled Tzevayim (“colors” in Hebrew; accompanying video), collecting recipes from six women from Chicago.  Using this high school project as a proof-of-concept stepping stone, today, our team has […]

What will the cookbook look like?

The cookbook will be professionally designed and published by our organizer team. The content will feature the diversity of the Jewish community through the recipes and personal narratives of the submitters.

Will all submissions be accepted?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept all submissions, but submissions that are not included may be featured on the Jewish& blog. When we close the form, we will look through all the submissions and make careful decisions about what to include based on recipe quality and thematic issues. We will notify you when […]