A project supported by Be’chol Lashon, this cookbook aims to celebrate the racial and ethnic diversity within the Jewish community. We want to celebrate the myriad unique experiences that each of us has as a product of our identities. We will pair recipes with poems, stories, essays, and photographs from submitters so that it becomes more than just a cookbook but also a mosaic of experiences from a plethora of backgrounds.

Submissions for Tlaim:

The Patchwork Cookbook

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Tlaim presents…
the Passover Zine!

Delicious Pesach recipes from the global Jewish community

Tlaim, a grassroots community cookbook project, presents its first zine! This mini-release edition contains a mosaic of Passover recipes, from soups to snacks to desserts, alongside holiday memories.

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Meet the Team

Alana Chandler

Alana Chandler

Dammara Rose Kovnats Hall

Dammara Rose Kovnats Hall

Léa Jean-François

Léa Jean-François

Healy Shir Slakman

Healy Shir Slakman

Yishaq Ofori-Solomon

Yishaq Ofori-Solomon


What is the inspiration of the cookbook?

There are few cookbooks that reflect the historic and contemporary diversity of the Jewish community, which we hope to do with Tlaim. Recipes serve as the vehicle for connection and story-telling. We want to share our stories and help create a new way of connecting communities through the Jewish kitchen.

Our team has joined our passion for cooking and our love of Jewish community to create an cookbook inclusive of world Jewry that can be found on the bookshelves of stores across the globe; a cookbook where all Jews can feel seen, appreciated, and welcomed.

We want to use recipes as a “vehicle to confront injustices to prompt meaningful action,” to quote chef and writer Tunde Wey. We invite you to use these recipes as a stepping stone for learning about diverse Jewish practices and experiences to prompt further discussion.

Who can submit?

Anyone with family origins in African, Asian or Latin American countries or those who identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, African, Arab, Persian, Indigenous, Sephardi, Mizrachi, or of mixed heritage are encouraged to submit. We, among many, sometimes use the term Jews of Color to invite submitters, but we are aware that this term does not fit everyone who we hope will submit. Race is ultimately a social construct, so this is a complex term to define. If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

Our goal is to use this cookbook as an opportunity to showcase the recipes, experiences, and stories of communities that have historically been excluded and/or marginalized from the Jewish space.

What is the submission process?

Submit a recipe using this form or by clicking on the “Submit” button above; along with any supplemental art or writing if you wish. The priority deadline is May 2023, and we will be expecting to get back to you by December 2023 about the selection of your recipe.

How will I know if my submission is accepted?

If your submission is selected for the cookbook, you will be notified via email once the submission window closes and will receive a free copy of the cookbook once it is published.

What will the cookbook look like?

The cookbook will be professionally designed and published by our organizer team. The content will feature the diversity of the Jewish community through the recipes and personal narratives of the submitters.

What organizations are involved with the cookbook?

We are partnering with Be’chol Lashon to make and publish the cookbook using a grant from the Jews of Color Initiative.

When will the cookbook be published?

We are currently in the recipe collection phase, having gathered over half of our target number of recipes. We are also concurrently testing recipes. Because our project is a grassroots community effort, if you are interested in helping us out as a volunteer recipe tester, we would greatly appreciate it! You can sign up using the following form: Click Here. If you would like to support the project in other volunteer capacities, please email tlaim.cookbook@gmail.com. Every helping hand is immensely appreciated!

How can I meet other submitters?

By submitting, you will automatically be added to a short mailing list. We may occasionally send emails inviting submitters to attend virtual meet-ups, Shabbat dinners, and cooking classes. We hope that these meet-ups will allow other submitters around the world to come together in celebration of their food-related traditions. You can also subscribe to the Be’chol Lashon newsletter to hear about upcoming events in the global Jewish community.

What do I gain as a contributor to the project?

All contributors will be credited on our website and in the cookbook with their name and desired affiliation. They will also receive a free copy of the cookbook once produced. Contributors will also be included in the decision-making process in helping choose a charity to donate to our cookbook profits.

If I have any more questions or want to get involved beyond being a submitter, who can I contact?

Feel free to reach our cookbook team at tlaim.cookbook@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.