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A Be’chol Lashon publication, Jewish& gives voice to the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. It is a forum for personal reflection, discussion, and debate. We invite you to share your story with us for possible publication.

Latest Articles

Rosalita and Eduardo – Comic series by Ana Bass

Ana Bass, Jewish&, 01/03/2022

I started the series Rosalita and Eduardo during the pandemic. I’ve always wanted to create a comic book memoir about the experiences I’ve had as a transracial adoptee from Guatemala who was raised by two Jewish American parents with Ashkenazi backgrounds.

Modern Hanukkah Song : Ladino ‘Miracle’

Carla Sitton Berg, Jewish&, 12/02/2021

Happy Hanukkah! The Be’chol Lashon team sat down with Brazilian-born Jewish Ladino opera singer, Carla Sutton Berg, to chat about her new Hanukkah song. Carla is an Educational Psychologist, artist, composer, and multicultural singer. Below is a translation of excerpts from our conversation with her, followed by the original Portuguese.

Celebrates Mizrahi Heritage Month

Chloe Levian, Sarah Yusupov and Gidon Salamat, Jewish&, 11/23/2021

What do you wish people knew about your Mizrachi/MENA/Sephardi identity/culture?