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A Be’chol Lashon publication, Jewish& gives voice to the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. It is a forum for personal reflection, discussion, and debate. We invite you to share your story with us for possible publication.

Latest Articles

Celebrates Mizrahi Heritage Month

Chloe Levian, Sarah Yusupov and Gidon Salamat, Jewish&, 11/23/2021

What do you wish people knew about your Mizrachi/MENA/Sephardi identity/culture?

A New Hanukkah Dessert Recipe: Authenticity Reclaimed

Alana Chandler, Jewish&, 11/15/2021

Grappling with finding a balance in how to most respectfully practice and reclaim my cultural heritage, I’ve found power in crafting my own traditions — recipes as food rituals.

The Unibrow

Natan Badalov, Jewish&, 11/01/2021

In honor of Mizrachi heritage month, we invited comedian and artist Natan Badalov, a proud Bukharian Jew, to share some of his childhood memories. He was featured on Adult Swim, New York Comedy Festival, Funnymmigrants Comedy Festival, and others. For more info, read his bio or follow him and his eyebrows on Instagram and Tik Tok @natanbadalov.

An Ethiopian Recipe to Celebrate Sigd

Bezawit Abebe, Jewish&, 10/27/2021

If ever there was a time for celebrating the depth and riches of Ethiopian culture, and Ethiopian food in particular, the holiday of Sigd is it.