Passport to Peoplehood: China

Explore the rich Jewish heritage of China and the connections between Rosh Hashanah and Chinese New Year.


China Slideshow

Discover the long Jewish history of China, one of the world’s largest and oldest countries.

China Slideshow Script (PDF)

China Educator Background (PDF)

Rosh Hashanah & Chinese New Year Slideshow

What do Rosh Hashanah and Chinese New Year have in common?

Holiday Slideshow Script (PDF)

Holiday Educator Background (PDF)

Art Project

Paper Lanterns

Create your own lucky paper lanterns with this simple project.


Chinese Vegetable Dumplings

These tasty dumplings are guaranteed to bring good luck in the new year.


Jewish & Chinese New Year Worksheet

Lead a discussion of the similarities and differences between the two holidays. Best used in conjunction with the Rosh Hashanah & Chinese New Year Slideshow.

Articles about Jews & China

A selection of articles from our Jewish Diversity Archive, the world’s largest online archive of material about ethnically and racially diverse Jews. Explore the archive >

Books about Jews & China