Jess Cohen

Jess Cohen (they/she) is a Chinese Jewish undergraduate originally from New York State studying physics at MIT. They like to cook in big batches and are a big fan of eating leftovers. They’re honestly pretty terrible at baking, but it’s still a fun thing to do with friends! She’s particularly passionate about social justice, especially […]

Zandra Campbell

Zandra Campbell (she/hers) is a Jamaican Jew. She loves cooking (but honestly not baking), whales, non-formal education, and Agatha Christie. She runs a food instagram for her summer camp, Machaneh Galil @galilfoodie, forever making camp food look as delicious as it actually is. Her favorite comfort foods are pizza, bagels and matzah ball soup. Zandra […]

Arielle Mindel

Arielle Mindel (she/her) is a Cuban Jew from the Greater Philadelphia Area. She graduated from Princeton University in 2021 where she majored in psychology with a certificate in gender and sexuality studies. Arielle dreams of becoming a chef. She ran a bakery out of her house during the pandemic and maintains a food blog on […]

Alana Chandler

Alana Chandler (she/they) is a Chicago-born Japanese-Jewish undergraduate at MIT studying Materials Science and Engineering. Chandler is interested in cooking and food justice. Since their first year of highschool, Chandler has run an amateur food blog and especially loves baking babka, granola and anything with matcha powder. Having experienced feelings of both invisibility and hypervisibility as a […]