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What is Sigd?

Shai Afsai, Times of Israel, 11/12/2014

One of the many unique religious traditions developed and preserved by the Jews of Ethiopia — the Beta Israel (House of Israel) — is the annual Sigd holiday, which normally occurs fifty days after Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), on the twenty-ninth of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. Since 2008, the Sigd has been an official Israeli state holiday, though it continues to be celebrated mainly by the country’s Jewish community from Ethiopia, which numbers upwards of 130,000.

The Sigd Festival Comes Home to Jerusalem

Shai Afsai, Jerusalem Post, 12/05/2012

Jewish Ideas Daily: On the Sigd, Ethiopian Jews, before their mass immigration to Israel, would ascend a mountaintop, pray, read from the Bible, and affirm their desire to return to Jerusalem.

Sigd’s Teachable Moment

Barbara Sofer, Hadassah Magazine, 03/01/2012

Esther Beych’s eyes light up and her smile widens when she remembers her best friend—a classmate from Russia—tasting injera bread for the first time.

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